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What is your IT capability maturity?

We have a methodology to fit your needs whether you are a seasoned IT organization that just needs subject matter expertise or an organization that depends heavily on partners for their IT initiatives. >

Blueprint Phase

Why commit to a long -term multi-phase project without taking your IT partner for a test drive? >


Propero Consulting is a full-service consulting firm specializing in planning, implementation, and support of Oracle's Value Chain Execution applications:

  • Oracle Transportation Management (OTM)
  • Global Trade Management (GTM)
  • Warehouse Management (WMS)

Our years of hands-on experience with these specialized systems gives us the knowledge and confidence to guide and assist you through every phase of implementation. You can realize the potential benefits of the Oracle best-of-breed supply-chain solutions with speed and efficiency so you stay ahead of the competition and stay on top of your return on investment.


What is your IT capability and capacity? Whether yours is a seasoned IT organization that just needs subject matter expertise, or a lean-and-mean organization that relies on strategic partnerships, Propero Consulting can tailor the solution to meet your needs and keep up with your growth.


Ask about our Blueprint Phase! For very large projects, even getting started takes an immense amount of planning and estimating. We do it right by taking the time to ask strategic questions and get detailed answers. What will it cost? How many people will we need? How long will it take? What's the optimal sequence? Some call this process due diligence; we call it the Blueprint Phase, and it's a service that sets Propero apart.